2011 Trends in Water Temp, Salinity and DO in the Peconic River and Flanders Bay

June 21, 2012

Michael prepares to drop the YSI probe to measure water temperature, salinity and DO 1.5 miles up the Peconic River behind Long Island Aquarium and the Main Street of Riverhead NY.

Looking back over last summer’s YSI readings, Michael Cohen, our Blue Ocean intern from the University of Rhode Island, noted the salt wedge characteristics of the most western part of the Peconic Estuary as well as significant changes in these abiotic factors through the summer season.  Michael’s graphs of these readings are helpful to follow seasonal trends and explain habitat challenges for marine species who visit or live in this part of the Peconic Estuary.

Next Wave YSI_Readings_for_2011

Graphs prepared by Michael Cohen, Blue Ocean Intern in 2012

The daily tours of the Peconic Estuary on board Long Island Aquarium’s Explorer Tour Boat provide a platform for interns to collect this data for our blog.  Use of LI Aquarium’s YSI meter not only allows Blue Ocean’s Next Wave to monitor this part of the estuary throughout the season, but it also offers passengers an opportunity to see how scientists observe and interpret useful information, what makes the estuary a powerful and dynamic ecosystem, and how wildlife experiences significant changes in habitat, right alongside our homes and places of work and play.  With a deeper knowledge and appreciation of Long Island’s natural world, people will grow in understanding and protect what we  love about being here.


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