Carl Safina Nominated for the 2014 Indianapolis Prize


Dr. Carl Safina is one of thirty-nine true heroes nominated for the world’s leading award for Animal Conservation. The nominees have dedicated their lives to saving the Earth’s endangered species; their work spans the globe and represents a broad range of species including chimpanzees, snow leopards, sea turtles, giant pandas, bats, swans and many more.

“The current nominees are exceptional and they represent many of the most significant wildlife conservationists working in the field today,” said Michael Crowther, president and CEO of the Indianapolis Zoo, which initiated the Indianapolis Prize as part of its core mission. He added, “Increasingly more species are at risk of extinction, and these heroes deserve our recognition and support for their expertise, accomplishments, and tireless efforts protecting them. We encourage people around the world to celebrate the nominees’ important work and to join them in advancing animal conservation.”

Through the inspiration and enlightenment of Dr. Safina’s work, Blue Ocean brings wildlife conservation to people in creative and life-changing ways. Correspondingly, following a season of work on the Explorer tour boat, BOI intern Sarah Sandler is preparing for a research project in her Advanced Science Research class at Calhoun High School with a survey to study The Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conservation of Horseshoe Crabs. Graduate student, Michael Cohen, who interned with us last year, has developed a Marine Ecosystems project proposal to study how environmental factors influence species distribution in the Peconic Estuary, through the deployment of technology he specifically designed and developed for this project. Sarah and Michael look forward to implementing their studies with the support of our Next Wave NY education program in 2014.

Submitted by BOI Marine Educator Ann Haskell


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