“A Way from Here to the Sea”

A Reflective View of the Peconic Estuary from the Explorer. Photo by Sarah Sandler

A Reflective View of the Peconic Estuary from the Explorer. Photo by Sarah Sandler

August 28, 2013
The tide was incoming. The moon is waning. The air temperature was 27.22° C (81° F). The sky was partly cloudy. The wind strength was 1 at the dock and 2 in the bay. The wind generally came from the southwest.
I had a great last trip of the summer. Actually, I saw my 10th grade AP Biology teacher on the boat. You never know who you’re going to see on the boat! My teacher was there with her two kids, and they were very involved in the program. My teacher was excited for me that I was interning on the boat; it was great to see her.
I just want to thank you for this great opportunity. It truly was an enjoyable learning experience. I learned so much information pertaining to the Peconic River, Flanders Bay, and the estuary. I really got along with everyone I worked with and met while on the boat. It also felt good helping the community learn about the different animal life that is part of Long Island. It really made each day on the boat special to see people who were genuinely interested in learning what the Blue Ocean Institute offers to teach them. One does see people afraid of different marine life like horseshoe crabs, but inside it creates laughter, knowing that without these animals, we would not have as diverse an ecosystem around Long Island. So what are they afraid of, the functional shape evolution has given them?!
If it’s a possibility, I would love to come back. Thank you again for a great summer; I will have much to share with teachers and friends whom I did not see over the summer!

Written by BOI intern Andrew Kumpfbeck.
Title from Baricco, A. Ocean Sea


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