Feedback from Inspired Teachers

Pulling the Seine Net

Teachers report that our Blue Ocean Institute Explorer tour boat presentation and experiential learning activities engage their students’ attention, effectively involve students in essential curriculum materials, and keep a balance between education and entertainment – all important features of the partnership aims of Blue Ocean Institute and Long Island Aquarium.

The naturalist was so accommodating to our needs … really outstanding in every way … provided a safe and informative experience … she was fantastic! Knowledgeable and personable and very interactive!

The educator was fantastic at pointing out the relevance of the river and its importance to the ecology of the area. She was wonderful at engaging the students. They loved seeing the organisms. This really helps sum up the concepts through the year.

We loved how the children could touch and see everything up close … really enjoyed the opportunity to explore and wade the waters at the beach ….

It was wonderful, age appropriate, and had lots of hands-on learning.

The naturalist understands our age group and gears her program seamlessly to their interests and knowledge base.

Our three to six year olds were strongly impressed!

It was a wonderful tour. Every year it’s a little different, depending on the water and weather conditions.

My students were thrilled to see firsthand what they studied, and they understood the nomenclature.

My students were engaged and enjoyed the day!

School groups range from pre-Kindergarten through college classes, as well as adult groups seeking an informal education experience. Furthermore, our team of educators offers customized experiences for groups with special needs and various learning styles – home-schooled students, English Language learners, and groups who need specific activities for unique curricula.

Local college students studying a Marine Habitat Ecology course heard two in-class lectures from Blue Ocean Institute scientists on sustainability. On their boat trip, we extended their experiences with information about estuaries, field study including surveys of estuary water measurements and beach zones, and an oyster-seeding activity over hard-bottom in Flanders Bay.

English for Speakers of Other Languages students participated in an Oceans summer program in their classroom and then explored the estuary with BOI educators, building new vocabulary through the classification of plants and animals and using technology and hands-on activities to connect Ocean Literacy concepts and new language with their experiences. Besides achieving their educational objectives, these students were inspired with hope, as well as a sense of achievement and connectedness in their new environment.

Article contributed by Blue Ocean Institute Marine Educator, Ann Haskell


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