Blue Ocean’s NEXT WAVE Education Program unites a diverse body of young people, who are inspired to learn more about the ocean, and provides tools for their development as creative and effective future ocean conservation leaders. The program expands on the work piloted through the partnership with Long Island Aquarium which initiated Blue Ocean’s reach to young audiences.  The partnership provided the resources and venue to establish a strong team of educators who understand the needs of the education community and are skilled at engaging young people in inquiry-based explorations of the ocean environment.  (P. Paladines, 2009)

The Peconic Estuary is an Estuary of National Significance, one of twenty-eight in our country granted that distinction by the federal government.  It is a dynamic, powerful ecosystem, deserving of careful monitoring and preservation.  Our daily expeditions into the Peconic Estuary with students, teachers and the public permit us to make observations and to collect data about the biotic and abiotic characteristics and seasonal changes of the estuarine environment.  This blog will report useful data and relevant information from the daily observations of our team of educators and interns.  We hope to offer a small contribution over the summer seasons to inspire people to visit and treasure this great natural resource and to assist our communities of scientists and conservationists in their important work.  (Ann Haskell, Marine Educator, Blue Ocean Institute)


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